Monday, May 2, 2011

i was erm.. playing with my make up just now
it looked like crap but everything changed after i put on the falsies
monolid and small eyes don do make up w/o falsies justice
i think im better at putting make up for others actually. hehe
someone buy me a make up palette!

baked some cookies too
haha, i burnt one batch, AGAIN
seriously, does that really need to always happen
i swear not to burn one batch the next time i bake for bailamos
im in a good mood today as you can see
haha cuz prolly last night was pretty awesomewent out to study with xiu and sophy and xiu's sis first at great world
then met some of my classmates for dinner at SPIZE
ahahah, 10 ppl showed up, only 3 girls went
where's the girl power man!
but the best part was the mini photoshoot session we had after dinner

really love this!! thanks derrick for such awesome photos! haah. and carmina for taking these crazy photos together. HAHAHA.

greyson chance - waiting outside the lines (rising star! woohoo!)

off to order pizza!
kay, from 2moro onwards, time to watch my diet so that there'll be no muffin tops on stage. haha
dancers will get it. =]
compre time

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