Saturday, May 7, 2011

get it away

my brother has left for army
haha, he sent me this like 'passing down the role of the eldest' to me before he went in

bailamos is drawing so near guys! and so are my mid years
i don wanna screw neither up
i think the stress is slowly getting to me because i really need my arm to be in the best condition=[
it's stressing me out
give me a miracle!!!

p.s: i wanna buy this colgate called close up white now, saw it in a video of michelle phan's. ugh but i think only can get from overseas. cant find it anywhere online! ok, i did find it somewhere but i don understand the language there. maybe mustafa has.


Anonymous said...

did you manage to get the close up white now colgate? whr you got it?

Seet Shu Zhen said...

i didnt! i found close up but it wasnt white now;(( it was all the other random flavours.