Sunday, April 24, 2011


this period before bailamos have been really a test for us
i haven been to this space for awhile because i had no time
went to josh's church for easter eve service
i seriously have no idea what i did
i mean, am i a christian now?
i went up to the altar and all of the sudden, everyone is congratulating me
im having mixed feelings about this
i just don like to be forced into something


G-cup! same group as sk again!

doing warm ups

salsa warm up
this is why we're called the g-cup

com meeting=]
joan's crazy back
and the vainest person in dance goes to tim mah
ac dance!! =]
dance camp was truly one of the best times ever
could see that everyone was having fun.
keeps getting better every year!
it kept me smiling on my way back home

updates on my arm
i compared my left and right arm
my right arm has lost its muscles, it's scary
like there's no curve at all, just straight.
and i cant flex it. hahah
what a noob
but i think it's slowly improving cuz i can do more things with my right hand w/o feeling any pain
today is a pissed off day for me
hopefully 2moro brings a better day

star awards time!!

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