Tuesday, April 5, 2011

fix me

the syf group=]
we clinched a gold. it's an award where we do not know to feel happy or disappointed
i guess we all expected better that's why it's difficult to feel too happy about it.

aside that. i thought life was picking up for me. it did but something happened
haha, i sound like im going to die

anws, here's how my wound looks like after a week
oh baking cookies for my dancers=]

i was still using my right hand in this photo
everything just seemed like a nightmare to me
hw, dance
if i didnt had dance, i guess i wouldnt be that upset
now with that stupid fall and stupid broken arm, it has sabotaged many of my plans and chances
i just feel like going overseas with nice sandy beaches and spend my time there

okay, after spending my time surfing the web and keeping my mind off things for awhile, i feel better.

i will, must stop moving this week.

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