Saturday, April 30, 2011


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this is what you might expect. photos taken from last year!
i had the best time of my life last year.
tickets selling at 20 bucks
2, 3, 4 june! at acjc's CPA.
do come down and enjoy a night of visual and emotional entertainment=]

anws! this is how my arm looks like last week. it is way better now =]

when i first broke it
i cant wait for bailamos to come
but at the same time, i want more time so that my arm can heal completely
right now, i am able to dance, but not fully and that annoys me
i hate how my right arm forms ugly lines and all and that it affects my timing when i dance
i hate how it cant rotate
it has been recovering relatively well in terms of straightening it but the rotating my my arm is still freaking lousy
i don know if it's the screws that are blocking or my muscles.

ugh, i always get pissed at my arm.

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