Sunday, March 13, 2011

what are wordsthat's the song that was sang by that A.I guy who has the very touching story bout his fiancee
the song is soooooo amazing. if you really listen to the lyrics, you can cry to it

last week had been a really crazy week with dance almost every other day and terms.
hope everything turns out well in the end!

anyhoo!! went for the body shop sale at suntec with sophy yesterday=]]
it was so crowded because the IT fair was happening as well.
managed to get a bit of things. spent 45 bucks! hahah
i think, or hope, i saved quite a bit
but the make up remover i bought isnt too good
compared to one i alr have, it is not as effective.
the toner on the other hand smells realllyyyyy good. haha
got a tub of mask cream, foundation and two body scrunchies thingum.
it looked cute and it's 2 for 2 bucks so i just got it. HAHA

we walked to marina link afterwards
ate ice cream at macs first before getting "chased" away cuz a family wanted to sit. hahahha
but nvm luh
we walked to this shop called rock and ash

i think bff's sauce is better but rock and ash is more worth it with their quantity.
after that, went home and had to go out again for dinner
but all of us, mum gor and me, were all quite full alr
so we just snacked a little at HK cafe.
derrick took this with his iphone. haha contact photo i think?
oh and yeah, this was my bruise from syf practice last month =] i've learnt how to not get injured.
syf is so close! we are gonna pull through and do our best. i've faith in our wonderful batch.

it's gonna be a good 72 bucks spend
im super excited zomgoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
kay kay, time to edit music and choreograph w/o having any stress on studies! hahaha

love this feeling!

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