Wednesday, March 16, 2011


went to universal studios on monday, it was FREAKING FUN
so worth the 72 bucks!!!
because battle star has opened and we just spammed it in the night when there are very little ppl left around.
you feel like you are in another country when you are there
it made me feel like i was back in australia's movie world.
actually it's like movie and dream world combined together
it's so cool and im really impressed

this is battle star!!! it's the best ride there. we sat this like countless times

we spammed photos as well and it's really super fun with the people i went with
they make my day everytime and they made my 72 bucks spent even more worth it!
hahaha here are some of the photos
and xiu took this when i was talking
the photo says it all!
me and nat. she's so tall!
hahahahhaha! i own the other two in this photo with my face
being his usual gayness
yup, that's what my earring says. press it if you dare
keefe, what a ghost. haha
i didnt know josh was behind me either. what a ghost
looking back at geisha
monkeying around
tapestry! some dance zaki choreo-ed. HAHAHA. this is what dancers come up with
our shades photo after taking the battle star. freaking awesome
at some cool alley, cam whoring

TABLOID!! PART OF OUR DANCE. SO PRETTY!!! dancer's thing again. hahaha
loveeeeeee them
we kept blocking the queue by taking photos like this. hahah
with the big ball! gege said im the only one who will call the globe the ball.
aww but this photo is soo nice. my desktop photo=]
and all of us with the ball!
must really thank xiu xian for all these photos
she took most of them and she had to upload all of them into 3 albums and tag us
seriously, i take my hat off her.
i miss that day alr
i couldnt believe i was going
i couldnt believe i was there
now i cant believe it's over=[

but it was a great way to start htis week
had dance on tuesday
and had make up workshop today
so fun!!! =]]]] cant wait to do make up for the girls. i can do for ppl but i cant do for myself. idk why.
after the workshop, met josh, keefe, laura and anette at the gym to choreo and learn some choreo.
i THINK everything is going quite well.

need to take really good care of my body now
crucial period!
another 2 weeks more.

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