Tuesday, March 22, 2011

im feeling really lousy today=[
got back my term results. not all, but so far, haven been very happy bout it
i passed all so far but it's like..... not a good one. and you see your friends doing so much better
it just makes you feel really depressed
gahhh. i think i need tuition =[ but ughh, time and money is issue.
see how. i'll study harder for the H2 exams and see how it goes.

a picture taken with laoshi on my birthday last year. sk kinda just uploaded my birthday photos. hahah
squashing sk on a dance day
on a ride with tim in USS
we went to watch a performance at UCC after dance last friday. it was good=] especially the last dance. hahaha. cuz we can all connect to it
this is gross mark.

dancers =]]]] we'll be a bigger family soon!
kevin! my og kid=]
oh yes, gross PLUS gay =]

i shall go bathe and wash away this depressing mood i have
i hope the papers im getting back 2moro and thurs will be better. it better be better!!!
syf showcase on thurs.
go dancers =)

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