Monday, March 28, 2011

hey guys
to clear any random rumors, some ppl say i broke my leg or shoulder, i broke my right arm
haha, it was funny when my teacher visited me and said 'i thought you broke your leg?'

sigh, it was a freak accident. i kept thinking back that instant where i fell and how i could have prevented it.
when i fell, i just went straight into shock,
the showcase was just 5min away and i fell.
at first, i thought it would be a normal fall but when i tried lifting my right arm, it hurt like hell
i wanted it to be okay SO badly
i wanted to perform so badly
i was so excited the whole day, asking my friends and classmates and teachers to watch the showcase. i was in the state of shock and panic. i was like 'no no no. this cannot be happening'
i just sat there helplessly
managed to calm down after the gym lady told me it'll help my arm. i just treated everything as a glimmer of hope for my arm to be better.
when she said it wasnt dislocated, i was happy, maybe this could heal by syf!
met the dancers as Mdm and i made our way to her car
im so very proud of them
they received many praises despite this last min accident
it was all fine until i saw xiu's face. her make up was all ruined by her tears. that started off the first crying session

mdm drove me to NUH for x-ray
i was still okay then because i honestly thought that my injury was simple
after the x ray results, i saw my bones, they were broken apart. and the doctor said i needed to do an op to put some metal plate inside.
the moment i stepped out, i just cried really hard. WHY
and at that moment, amelia called me and asked how i was, i just started crying again and my mum had to tell her instead.
it sucks so much that you made it so close and you have to give it up.
it's worse than a break up. the pain i feel for this is 5 times worse
i wished that it was all a nightmare
i cant believe it
i was still practising for my dance!!! ughhhhhh. =(

but through the days i've been down
i've received so many smses to cheer me up
it really helped me get over it less painfully
the support and care i received were really shocking to me and i appreciate all of them to the fullest
j2 dancers, thank you all for not blaming my carelessness on my part. i remember telling you guys to put some rosin on your foot thongs because of the slippery floor in the hall right before i fell. sigh,. i may be unlucky in that sense, but no one is more lucky and blessed than me to have received all of your support
thanks for all your prayers and tears, they wont go to waste. i'll pull myself together and we'll be dancing together for bailamos=]

to all my teachers and classmates and sch friends, thanks for all the well wishes.
i'll get well soon so that i wont miss out on too much and so that you all wont miss me too much either! haha.

me and my sudoku book. so fun
the difference in size. haha
i know i'll be letting everyone down by feeling upset but some nights...
the tears just falls so easily

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