Sunday, March 20, 2011


this is not for all guys but just a minor few guys in my life
why do they always wimp out when it concerns sensitive issues
i don get it
they always feel like talking will not bring about any consensus, but how would you know.
i can only infer that you are just afraid.
and that makes you a wimp.
stop thinking that talking and coming clean is of no use
what are you trying to hide? your pride?
trying to escape is a worse solution.
stuff like, oh explaining will do no help/ what's the point of knowing the truth now
GRR. sucks to know that guys in my life or used to be are such cowards.

that being said, tim mah saved me from a humongous beetle after dance one day. haha so he's a real man. HAHAA. the other guys [keefe wasnt there, so he's not counted] just zoomed off to the other side of the road in seconds. hahahaha. it was pretty funny cuz they got scolded by my teacher afterwards. retribution. but cant blame them, the beetle was seriously big ass.

that's the end of my angsty post
term 2's starting. sigh.

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