Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FREE DAY (founder's day)

i had a dream last night but im not sure if it was a good or bad one
i can remember what happened, but it just puts me in a tight spot luh
and it sucks. so i guess it was a bad one..

syf is coming really really soon
sigh. i had dance yesterday and i was pretty disappointed with myself
i kept dropping steps and it shouldnt be happening.

and bailamos is coming too
i need to set my thoughts right
it's all about working together, allowing ac dance society to have a good performance
but looking at all the other choreographers, they have really good stuff so far that it kinda pressurizes one... if you get what i mean
like they make you feel like you need to be better to maintain similar standards or yours will look really crappy.
but then again, i realize it's all about the style and how some interpret songs differently and where they get their inspirations from
and it's about being different and not similar to make our concert work.
oh but one thing i was worried about was similar items too.. sigh
i just hope everything works out fine in the end.
just focus on syf now!

back to studies.

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