Saturday, March 5, 2011

carmina, stop stalking my blog

runAC day. i think they meant rainAC
we did calligraphy for one chi lesson!
i think it's not bad! i pasted it on my room wall. hahha. for everyone to appreciate
jeremy's one so ugl.....!

2sd1 =]
anws, talking about chi
it was the release of A levels result on fri
so we got back our chi results that day
i was still really scared i wont be able to cuz my lao shi told me i was far from an A last time
so before i got my results, i kept telling myself not to expect too much in case i'll be really disappointed
but i got an A so woohooo!
everyone i told seemed really shock
i don understand why. pfffs.

on another note, our seniors did pretty well
i think around 10 dancers went up on stage!
hahaa. great job
hopefully i can go up on stage next year too. sigh

today sucked. cuz it was unproductive and im just not in a good mood.
plus it rained really badly
i was on my way to the mrt when i saw this guy standing in the void deck, like waiting for the rain to stop.
so i offered to share but he declined. haha
if i were him, i definitely agree luh! i mean, better than waiting for the rain to stop cuz it was a really heavy rain
went to uniqlo to get tights for dance
was damn annoyed cuz i took 20 out painstakingly, then my mum asked the assistant to come to help
so she said she'll go pack 20 from the store
which means we'll have to hang all 20 back up -_-
after awhile, she comes out with an empty box and said the stocks are all up there alr
but she said she'll take it down.
i just sucked it up and took a deep breath before saying okay.
was how annoyed luh. grrr
went to do facial after that with my brother.
ate at din tai feng after facial. wanted to go marche but the queue was freaking long

p.s: thick eyebrows =]]]

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