Sunday, February 20, 2011

the start, the end

diane and me carrying laura. haha she thinks she's a feather
sam and justin.
seok hoon and zhi han are being douchebags here as you can see. HAHAHAH. but laura and siying coming to my rescue
this is for smacking my head. i think i've said this before. haha
girls studying at fusion!
it's my first time going there eh! actually anette's first time too
yeah, noobs, study at ac for one year plus alr and haven been to fusion. haha
it's so pretty! especially the building opposite fusion
i love it!!!
we studied at black canyon coffee something. haha. i loved it! we should do this every week. force amelia cheng to study
and went out with park, laura, xiu, seok, pau and karen on sat!
main purpose was to watch joash's competition but we kinda missed it
wanted to catch black swan too but it was too late
i need to catch black swan!! i've heard too many good things bout it alr.
i wanna watch 'just go with it' and 'no strings attached' too!
so many movies to watch!
after watching a few dances at o.c level 5, btw it was really cool, we went to spinelli to study... and camwhore. HAHA

this is the park face


seok damn act cute
me and pau. i realized my hair's really brown after looking at this photo
beggars. haha. actually seok hoon's quite a camwhore too

xiu and park

they're both pimps.
another week's starting
which means terms is drawing closer and so is syf
which also means that the pressure is getting larger
many dancers, including yours truly, have fallen ill and that sucks ttm
wish them all a speedy recovery!

and everyone has started to choreo for bailamos and im freaking excited!
i cant wait to see all the j2 items!!! it's gonna be damn awesome. hahaha
i wanan dance in all their items too but that's impossible luh. siannn
just hope for the next few months, everything will go smoothly
no more injuries, no more sick ones, and the j1s joining us on fri will be a tamed one.

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