Thursday, February 17, 2011

reaching out
ah hoon! ego boy. haha
daniel tay. im so sad!! actually, melia and candice would be too. hahaha
cuz there was this j1 who got into dance and we all thought he was quite cute [ in the blur way ] but he dropped out. sian. haha. and he gives me the daniel tay feel
we received flowers from our class guys on valentines day! HOW SWEET!!
flowers from park, ah hoon. balloons from josh and danny. HAHA. i made josh buy me a balloon.
more photos from the blue slip day
seok being a totaly pimp
this photo shows our joy. HAHA

with laura=]]]
this week have been quite weird for me
physically it's okay, except the stupid 2.4km run.
i really hope we can skip cross country cuz of upcoming syf. haha. i mean, we need to have a healthy body and not sprain anything at this crucial moment!
oh but mentally/emotionally, it's just.... ahhhh
so many thoughts and reflections from the past preventing me from doing anything.
and i should not be letting that get in my way actually
haha, but then again, rash decisions are bad
oh wells, let things take its course and just wait and see i guess

2moro's our last dance practice as a j2 batch only for ms wee
gonna miss it so much=[[[
i love my dance mates so much. they're really like a family and im SUPER grateful that im in this batch. super.


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