Wednesday, February 23, 2011

in reverse

photos from the cca exhibition!

i cant believe i totally forgot to blog bout this
i need to put this down so i'll recall it when i read my blog again. hahahha

i forgot when it was but i went for dinner with my mum and eld brother
oh oh! it was on 15th feb. yeah..
actually, it was my mum's reunion dinner with her old colleagues
we went to bukit timah for dinner. some jap restaurant called shin you if im not wrong
kay first, the food's really nice luh
i forced myself to eat more. hahaha
and luckily i did! cuz guess how much was it

57 bucks!!! not for 3 of us, it's 57 per person!
omgosh, i was how shock
hahahahaha. that was crazy....
but their food's really yummy
like some avocado thing with soft shell crab
oh oh! they had a lot of complimentary dishes
like we only ordered 1/4 of our food
the rest were all complimentary
no wonder it was so ex i guess...

aside that!
there was supposedly cross country today
but was cancelled cuz it rained. oh yes it soooo did
we were all drenched ttm
park came to accompany at the svm tent
and he carried my umbrella and stood in front of me
his back was completely wet. hahahaa
aiyo, thanks park!!=]]
after standing under the tent for what seemed forever, my class made our way to IMM for dinner
it was only 530 when we reached IMM but idk why, i was freaking hungry.
im happy! my class seems to be becoming closer (y)

kay, im killing myself here. i still have to do a whole lot of geog qn.

p.s: girls are just born fickle minded. and it sucks

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