Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy valentines day. love is in the air!
one photo from mzonka blue slip day!
oh right. the OGLs were blue slipped on monday
i don know if it was a good or bad thing
but i was damn pissed when i heard the news in the morning
and it seemed like i was the very few who realized we are blue slipped that day.
and i packed my bag for sch. and i had to bring many shirts that day somemore. my bag was crazy heavy. but i decided to go for it in the end.
watched burlesque at vivo after lunch and some games.
but me and laura had to leave early cuz there was dance. so we couldnt finish the movie=[[[[[

but it was also melia's birthday that day!

imitating her
me and xiu made this scrap book for her

we had dance cip at NUSS on saturday too! we did the CNY dance again
i think it went pretty well this time round

hahha sexy park

awesome red lipstick
the 3 of us
this is one the of the last performance we'll have officially as a j2 batch! haha
other than the bailamos dance we'll be having, this is the last i think.
then the j1s will filter in
to feel happy or sad, i haven decided yet.
let time decide luh!
we made our way to daily scoop for ice cream afterwards =]
spoilt for choices. hahah

park and me. he's my cny lift partner. and whenever he lifts me, my stomach will growl. AHHAHAA. that's why he always ask me to go eat. hahahha.
cheng and me.
how are you gonna spend your 2moro?
i'll be spending it with my loved ones as usual
hahha. and this year, it would be my dance mates!

im gonna change my bedsheet to a freaking cute one later. yay=]]]
oh and i'll post a photo of my balaku soon.

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