Friday, February 4, 2011

im so excited for 2moro cuz my dance friends are coming over to my house
but sian, i feel kinda weak and sick today, better get well by tonight
anws! this post's gonna be filled with LOTS of photos from orientation mostly and just some cny photos.

second day of cny. went to my e ma's house
this was reunion dinner night
cny day 1! with my buff cousin. haha
and my little cousin.
with my class after ac celebrations
the dancers can finally breathe!!
im so glad for me and everyone
for the past 2 weeks, we have been stretched to our max
after orientation, we have dance.
and that was on thurs, fri and mon
tues was campfire, so we had a performance
and on wed, it was ac celebrations, so we had another dance item.
now, orientation is over, we can all focus on syf!

the next few many photos are all from the orientaion period! they're in no order cuz i also forgot what order they're supposed to be in
but orientation was a really really fun time
i kinda miss all the fun times i had with mzonka and casey. but im glad i made hell lot of friends through this journey and what can i say, i guess the hard work was all worth it!
mariko's birthday
casey day 1!
with ming and bong
after campfire

teaching the kids the mass dance=] this is taken by kelv. haha
our pretty flag designed by sam!
thanks dian
with roi, my fellow ogl.
roi, zhi han, keith!
our 2 pig tails day!
my og playing my game!=]
dancing as punishment. haha. not really a forfeit for me huh
casey again!
day 1=]

casey again again
with retarded lewis
in the early mornings
vendela! my fellow game station master
josh looks like a small boy
hahaha. nice
i have no idea why my name on this shirt is so stretched!! look at sam's... now look at mine. -_-. sam keeps lol-ing at my name

yes i know, same pose
lewis's just jealous
so anyhow!
roi and samantha have been really awesome ogl partners
though we tend to mia all the time
we still manage to keep our casey together so we're awesome!
my kids all call me crazy. ahahaha
that's their first impression of me.
it's the orientation man! if you don get crazy during that period, when else?
and yes, i'll only be THAT crazy then.
i have tamed down a little =]

and caseyians! though they are all pretty quiet individuals, they'll still talk to you and listen to you. and on the last day, could tell that everyone was really high!
so im really glad=] hope my kids will be able to have a good life in ac and not screw up. haha

oh and lastly, campfire was insane!!!
especially during the clubbing part
i hate it when a bunch of guys think they're so cool by forming circles and pushing ppl behind them like they're not human
im only that pissed cuz i was a victim
they push and turn so it's like once you're off balance, you're dead. you'll get stamped on alr.
ughhh. annoying.
i know they wanna form a dance floor for the pro ppl to show off their moves and all but still!! too rough.
that made me not wanna go clubbing alr.
so after that, i just went up stage where it's also crowded, but ppl don exactly push you so im fine.

kay kay! i need to go prepare my house for 2moro

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