Saturday, February 12, 2011


hahah this woman looks like a girly girl but she is so not.... [ the one sitting down with short hair ]
she hates flowers and pink. so we purposely got her a pink flowery hairband and forced her to wear it=]] i think pink suits her damn well eh!! she looks so gu niang with the pretty hairband=]
but she cough damn ah pei like. hahaha
and she's damn gross! kay, i shall not expose her gross doings here.
we always tend to laugh during math lecture no rhyme and reason which makes it even funnier. HAHAHA.
i hope she likes our real gift for her though.
we got her a PINK bottle cuz she keeps stealing her sister's bottle to use.
and stuffed it with different stuff like her favourite jap cucumber, sanitary pad, teh bing powder, our notes, sweet, chocolate and condom cuz she's legal. HAHAHA
and it's for us to know and not for you to find out how we got it. haha
it's lynn's birthday yesterday [ friday ]
she was freaking smashed with cake and whipped cream all over. she was damn dirty. hahaha
vanow also, i applied the cream on her face. hahaha
she let me! =]
what's a birthday bash w/o cake on their faces man.
anws!! moving on to more cny celebration stuff
so the dancers came over to my place on the 3rd day of cny=]
i woke up early to pack my house. hahah. my mum woke up at 555 cuz she was afraid she cant cook the food in time. hahah. so sweet.
so ppl started making their way here at 1245.
im glad they all found the food good. hahah =]]
after that, we splitted up into a mahjong group, xbox group and cam whoring group.
melia and nat was in the cam whoring group cuz they don know how to play mahjong and xbox. hahaha
i joined them after a few rounds. well, actually everyone ended up cam whoring.
left around 5 to go josh's house!
we lou hei-ed at his house. haha
his dad bought like crazy lot of shao rou. we finished the first layer but there was still second layer.
but yeah! pictures =]


this is my pantene shot.
this is damn good (y)

xiu laura me

me and two giants. haahaha. shao and nat =]

oh after i got home, i played mahjong with my family
i won like 8 bucks plus eh!!!!
hahaha. damn lucky. =]]
dance cip 2moro morn. nights!
p.s: dance was amazing today

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