Saturday, February 26, 2011

family - personal post

last night was definitely a new chapter for all of us
and i hope whatever we tried to explain made sense to him
but i felt so useless for a long time
every time the shouting starts, all i could do was sit and listen and just try not to get involved
but he had the courage to go in between to ease the tension
his sense of responsibility is really great and im glad i have him

last night i didnt want to be left out of the issue
i walked towards them but hid in the kitchen to listen
what a coward
but after 10min or so, i told myself 'why should i be afraid? it doesnt make sense for me to be. i should play a part and not let all responsibility fall unto him'
i inched my way closer, hesitating at every step
i finally stepped out but they told me not to get involved
like he said, 2 more months. i had to say something if it helps
i straightened out my thoughts and broke the silence
it was not as hard as i thought it would be
and it felt good that we came to a conclusion after a long night.

to you: just remember that we're always the one that are gonna be there forever and we two have been through what you have, i swear. it hurts a lot sometimes and i had similar thoughts like you. but as a family, we put that behind and move on. but you can definitely bring it up again if you still feel unhappy about it and we can talk it out. no more silent treatment anymore, you promised=]

to him: i've found a new sense of admiration for you. thanks for being there to save us. and those tears you all shared will not go to waste. thank you for everything you're done and said and cared. =]

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