Sunday, January 23, 2011

PRE-CNY shopping!

so since last week, have been shopping for cny stuff.
today was really full force cuz i don think there's time to shop next week. ahha
met xiu at bugis first to go get some lingerie. hahaha
tim still ask why never jio him. COME ON TIMMY

after that, went across the street to some korean shop
omgosh!! it's cheap and good!

my kim chi soup
it's damn good! less than 8 bucks each.
and around that place. ZOMGOSH, so many nice shops. hahaha
i was telling xiu i'll drag my future bf there to try all the stalls.
there's this place called 'around the world', looks pretty darn cool
oh plus this place called swirl art. oh man, so many dessert stalls!
and the food there are quite cheap also i think. AHH! how come i've never discovered that place. grrr

after that, bought a bag at bugis junction and took a bus down to chinatown to meet sophy
cuz she knows where the cloth shop is
today was super warm, i perspire like mad
but anws, found a good shop to get those cloths
120 bucks! gosshh. haha
luckily xiu had money, but still had to withdraw some cash
the uncle gave me 5 bucks discount! woohoo! saving money for dance

met my family afterwards to go get cny goodies.
hahah, it's A LOT.
woah. oh and i got a new pair of shoes
i cant wait to perform cny! haha. and i cant wait for my friends to come to my house on the 3rd day of cny
idk why but yeah, im just happy when my friends come to my house. hahaha
cuz no one actually do. my house is like super non central. sian
but yes! finally!!

kay, time to do hw. OH CRAP AND MY ANTIBIOTIC!

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