Tuesday, January 18, 2011


okay, openhouse was a really tiring yet fun experience.
and sorry for the delayed post. have been crazy busy. come home late and too tired to do anything which is not good at all.
i finally have some time today to do some stuff =]

so anws! yeah, met in the morning, set up everything, do make up, change into costumes and all
actually it's quite normal luh
the only different thing is that we performed the same dance 5 times
that's what made it somewhat challenging
everyone felt so sian to keep on doing it again and again
but it didnt show on our faces when we performed (y)
the first performance was really quiet.. so it was just a little awkward
but the next few were just CRAZY
our seniors cheered for us like mad and they were the ones who warmed up the crowd.
so thank you to them!! they caught like almost all the performances.

make up was great! =] hahah
the costumes were damn pretty omgosh
we borrowed them from SA.
my favorite costume by far. pretty and easy to dance with

oh but during the last performance, everyone just started to get damn excited to dance it.
cuz it was the last one, so everyone just wanted to give their all i guess
i winked at vanow during the 4th performance. haha, and she freaked out.
and in the photos taken, i look weird and i know why
cuz of flared nostrils. i tried doing it in the mirror and it looks the same as in the photos. HAHA
but other than that, openhouse went really really well and i loved it




wardrobers (y)

the j1s are coming in soon!
next thurs
gonna be an active ogl. im sorta excited yet.... i like the sch empty.
so many things coming up and i'll prolly leave this space alone for longer periods of time
see you soon=]

p.s: i gained weight! since last year, i've gained 3kgs=[ but i choose to believe it's muscle mass....

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