Monday, January 3, 2011

if you wanna get with me, there's something you got to know

uneven bangs
yup yup! i cut bangs
that's my new haircut
and yes, i know i screwed it up luh

oh look, it grew back!
haha, nah i never cut luh
i had bangs when i was in sec 2 and i don think i'll ever get bangs again though im always super tempted to
anws! had a class christmas gathering on the 28th
met vanow and lautner first to go find sophy at her workplace
vanow came with a wig [the first photo is a wig, belongs to her. lol ]
it looks quite good on her though
she looks like some pixie. HAHA
so anws! after sophy ended her shift, we made our way to de cotta's house!
it's like a 15 min walk or more from the mrt to his house
but it's worth it!
the party was pretty fun
our most successful outing ever!!!

hui yi did this piniata! haha. didnt exactly break but the thought is there so thanks hui yi!

receiving my present from derrick
giving hui yi her present
so cool right! hahaha
they created this santa system so everyone got a present
it's quite sweet
my date for the night. hot stuff

winston and vanow performed for us on the guitar
we have amazing talents in our class!
and on the other extreme, we have samuel and lynn. HAHAHA

but overall, other than de cotta's sister's friends, the night was great!
thank you dc and hui yi for organizing it
and to those who took all the amazing photos! ahaha

oh i went for the new year's countdown with laura, nette and xiu
wah sey, crowded like hell and everywhere's barricaded!
fyi, it's all our first time doing it so we were damn excited. hahahaha
the fireworks were super pretty!
i love the sound of fireworks
oh right! we saw this gay guy, i'll post the photo in the next post
he was wearing this black tee like till his waist or something
and a leopard print trasculent top over, tucked in the black shirt
so his flabby tummy was exposed
quite courageous of him though
but the point is that, we saw him 5 times in that night!
it's super coincidental
everywhere we go, we see him! and from cool, it became kinda freaky
but that's that. haha
met my parents for supper at hk cafe afterwards

went to sch to teach the clan heads and councillors mass dance
well, of cuz it's not like a normal dance practice
after today, i really learn to appreciate the dancers.
im not saying they cant dance, it's another quality im talking about
but we're all glad the steps have all been passed down
went for dim sum buffet afterwards!
i ate like mad
now im having bowels problem. ahahha
too much food to shit out
after dim sum buffet, we still went to eat udders ice cream
but it was nice
omgosh, luckily we went there, if not i would have missed out on a cg!
woah, i haven used that term for so long!!
he looks like gikwang! oh man, super cute
me and xiu kept trying to steal glances at him
HAHAAHA. and we kept trying to take picture of him but too small, cannot see clearly
we only know his name and im not gonna tell you!
kay, i think i need the toilet again

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