Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i don want another beautiful face... i just want you and your beautiful soul
[ i remember pq singing this all the time in cgs. haha, her fav song. oh plus stacey's mum! ]
taken by mr daniel tay, my form teacher!
i told him to send me all the photos he took but he wanted to choose the best one and send me.

anws! i have a new new year resolution to add!
kay, not that that wasnt alr part of my resolution since sec 4, but after com meeting today, it just seemed much more impt
i shall try not to bully the guys too often. haha
be friendlier to everyone if possible

oh BTW GUYS! i think im gonna have another flea market on the 29th jan.
at the same place, riverwalk there. nearest mrt is clark quay
hopefully able to sell more things
i wonder if anyone has racks to lend? HAHA
im just gonnna take all the rompers that i don wear to sell. haha, cuz that's what most ppl buy now.
the previous flea market...
i wasnt there half the time, so couldnt enjoy it properly. and it rained somemore, so it was quite bad. sigh.
but luckily one of the crew guy there was quite good looking HAAHAHAA
hopefully he'll still be there on the 29th
oh and if you're wondering how much i earned.... depressing amount luh
i managed to get back the rent fee plus 6 bucks.
so yeah, i earned 6 bucks
cant even pay for my taxi fee.. which my mum paid. haha.
she helped me bring my luggages there and back. =]]

but on another note! i need to pack my house soonnnnnn

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