Saturday, January 29, 2011


yknow, i once read in a mag that women depend on their sense of smell a lot
and i've been more sensitive to smell since last year. kay not sensitive in the sense that im pregnant and my senses are sharper but like, they affect me more?
idk how to explain it luh. hahahha.
but yes, im on my way to becoming a woman!
went to set up another stall at the flea market again
sucks, im not gonna set up another stall again
waste my money
i cabbed down cuz i was carrying too many things
the cab fare cost me 20 bucks. pffs
and i only earned 38 bucks. 25 is needed to pay rent and you can do the math
so in the end, i made a loss due to my stupid cab fare

but anyhow!! quickly set up the things and xiu met me soon after
she got me my delicious lunch=]] thanks love
all prepared! she folded the clothes for me cuz im a lousy folder. HAHAH. get it?

sophy came after her tuition. i rented this stall with sophy. she damn unlucky, didnt get back her rent money. the stupid rain kept coming and there were super little customers
keefe , the organizer and me
keefe did this on purpose
and spam more photos!

i like her jock-ish jacket. haha. i saw one at new look the other day, so cool!

yup, train-ed home with keefe and my mum picked me up at the mrt

anws! had reunion dinner with my mum's side last week
but i had clan walk in practice that day too
so my auntie was supposed to fetch me from ac and bring me there to join the rest
she came at 630 but i only went out at 650
so i was kinda really late
and i had like 7 missed calls from my mum
i immediately called her back and she blasted at me
she told me my auntie left alr and all and just hung up on me
so i didnt know what to do and where to go
i just walked out of sch feeling damn guilty and sad
when i was just about to sit on the ground and cry, i heard a boooorrrr sound
it was from my aunt's car
i went in and apologized and started crying. haha. i just cried my way there luh
but i quickly wiped away my tears when i reached
however when i saw my mum's death stare at me, i started crying again
do i even sound like im 18 arh?
but yeah, i was just feeling really bad luh.
on a lighter note, we had dinner at long beach at dempsy!!
freaking nice!! hahaha . love it! i wanna go there for dinner again, soon!!

so yes!!
more importantly!!!!
orientation 2011 has arrived!!!
my kids are slowly getting close so we're all really happy. hahah
casey ftw!!
i created a cheer for them, super cool! hahaha.
hope monday will be even better! cant wait to see them again


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