Friday, January 21, 2011


i didnt post that randomly haha
me and blue is just so fated this year
okay firstly, mzonka, my clan's main colour is dark blue!

secondly, when i went to F21 to shop for my cny clothings the other day, i got a blue dress which i totally love. just that, it's kinda low. haha

and today!
i went to cotton on to look around.
i picked out a dress, shorts and top
after trying them on, i look down and realize all of them are blue!
i was like 'woah, am i feeling sad?' to my mum
and she said, yeah maybe this year isnt your year to shop. [ trying to hint for me to shop less]
hahaha. but i got the shorts in the end.
but before leaving the store, i looked at this tank top and after like 5 secs, i realized it's blue.
im just naturally attracted to blue this year!
and idk why.

anws! i fell sick after dance yesterday
i was seriously still fine during dance only my throat was a little sore that's all
but after dance, everything just happened
while de-briefing, i felt giddy and weak and cold.
so quickly got home to sleep it off.
went to visit the doc with my mum today and feeling better now!
still have ogl meeting 2moro and reunion dinner at night!
shopping for more cny stuff and dance performance cloth on sun with xiu! =]]]

oh and like what ms wee said, need to have output in order to input
i need to run soon cuz cny goodies are just too good to resist
and yea, also for an easier time for park cuz he's lifting me for the cny dance. HAHAHA
kay. BAI

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