Friday, December 17, 2010

you can be my hero

hey guys! one more day to go and i'll be in the airport!! my brothers just took out the luggage and im having one to myself! HAHAHAHA. my mum know me so well.
and they just distributed the money. YESSSS. i have.. [counting].. OMSHIT! i have 500 bucks?!??!!??!! what the!!! YAYY!!! kay, must not anyhow splurge. i must go make a list of ppl to get gifts for alr. haha

anws! went to town with my brother today to get my mum her birthday present!
we got her a bag from the editor's market (y)
after that, just walked around
went to 313's unicqlo and i tried on all those super furry jackets! love those fur. haha. but nah i wont buy it if it's real fur. and my brother became a bag carrier for me. NICE. haha
i can never picture myself shopping with a guy though. but with my brother it seems fine.

walked to ion afterward and i forced him to go into the ion christmas tree=]
yup! i like to make him do things he dont want to yet don mind and see his compelling face when i manage to drag him to somewhere. ahhaha
but it also doesnt work luh. he rejects me half of the time.
like taking a photo of me! =] bahahha

it was really cold and windy at orchard today
super nice!
tonight's pretty cold too. my fingers are chilled. I LIKE.
i hope it wont be raining at australia though
all the hailstorms. UGHH. you suck

anws! a black cat appeared outside my neighbor's house yesterday and it was mewing super loudly and my brother heard
so he opened the door, that's how i knew about it so i went out to kpo=]
it had a collar on it and my neighbor said it was from another block.
how did it find it's way all the way to my neighbour's house?! how did it know there were cats inside? haha
level 16 somemore!! did it take a lift or something? HAHA
we call it the ghost cat (Y)

kay! time to start packing!! yay yay
i cant wait to take lots of photos in aussie
going overseas is a super good reason to camwhore
kay not like any outing isnt a good reason too but whatever.

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