Wednesday, December 15, 2010


delayed photos from after op.
this was supposed to be a video
my hidden talent. hahahah. nah, just some noob
i caught hello stranger with my brother today
he finally paid his debt. haha.
it started off pretty lame but got extremely retarded after that. HAHAHA
it's like a super funny romantic comedy. he said he wants to watch it with his gf again-_-
hahaha. im not jealous.
bought 2 cross-stitch to do. lol. that's what someone will do when one is bored.
i finished 3 small hearts and the hair of the characters alr. hahaha
anws, sometimes i just feel lost
i don wanna give wrong signals
i don wanna make wrong choices
i don want my period to come only when i go to aussie. that's would be such a wet blanket!
awkward. HAHA
p.s: rocketeer by fareast movement ft. ryan tedder is damn nice!=]

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