Saturday, December 11, 2010

finally got a new mouse
im not referring to the living thing
anyhoo, no more lousy motion alr. this new mouse rocks!

went roller blading with them on fri
after teaching her for one day, i think she's still a novice at RB. lol
nvm! i told her sometimes the second time you try, you might miraculously know how to skate alr
it's was really fun though! sophy needed support from both of us, so we kinda blocked the road.
ppl kept ringing us but we don care. hahaha.
we bathed at ecp and took a cab down to cine after that for movie
we caught RAPUNZEL!
omgosh, such a beautiful movie
it's pretty comical too. hahah
and i used my free movie tickets for this!
you guys should catch it! her hair is GORGEOUSSSSSS
but i preferred it long and blonde [woops, spoiler]
after the movie, i saw lewis matt and toon
i was so shock but lewis that idiot didnt seem to happy to see someone he knew. HAHAHA
haven talked to them for ages.

oh look, the tang yuan spoke to us. HAHAHA
went to xiu's house to 'study' and watch movie
we caught shutter island. seriously, my studying period are getting longer and lesser is being done. NOOB.

anyway, went to sch for OGL meeting today
josh and keefey are clan heads! woohoo! damn happy for them.
orientation 2011's gonna be awesome!!!! i hope my group will be awesome, well it will cuz there's me. BAHAHA

kthxbye, i shall start to choreo mass dance!

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