Wednesday, December 8, 2010


shall photo blog and end off with a video! =]

taking the bum boat to PU!

getting our bikes=]
we reached chek jawa pretty quickly
so we got down out bikes and started walking around the mangroves and then to chek jawa!
but the weather was playing with us
it started to drizzle so we rushed to this shelter to put on our cool ponchos
but it didnt rain in the end so we took it off

anws! we saw a wild boar! nice
and there were some fine beach-like sand at the mangroves. (y)

my awkward starfish jump
quarry! it's so blue!!! so pretty!
and at chek jawa...

and well
chek jawa is a pretty place
the only thing that sucks there are the humongous bees
and they keep appearing!!! it's so gross
so i used my poncho to protect myselfwe went to super lot of tracks
and went up many many slopes
i hate it! hahahah.
sophy stopped at the wrong time and her bike fell and her bag in the basket in front of the bike fell out and dropped into the mud. dayum
after much scratching and panting
we ended our journey! with coconut! awesome

so yeah, that's pretty much bout it
it takes a long time to get there but it was a super fun trip, especially with xiu and sophy. HAHAHA
we took many videos along the way too. ahhahaha
and i've edited them together, so here it is!

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