Thursday, December 16, 2010

let me go
kay! i have to make this blog post quick cuz my show's starting in like 5min. hahaha

oh right! i cooked dinner with my brother the other day again
asparagus wrapped with bacon!
some weird cheese tofu fishcake thing. i added the seaweed!!
i keep wanting to add funny stuff into the soup but my brothers just kept giving me the are-you-serious face. come on!
cooking requires creativity! hahaa. how would you know it wouldnt work if you don try right.
but i know luh, things i wanted to add into the soup are weird.
plus it's campbell soup, not those normal chinese soup so it's even harder.
what's wrong with adding lettuce/shitake mushroom/ bacon/ seaweed?? sounds cool huh. HAHAHA

i thought today would be a wasted day again but at least i did some jogging so it's all good!
and i went for lunch with my lil brother.
think i haven had that for quite long
and after eating, we just sat there and talked.
i found out so much it shocks me but i shock myself too so what the heck.
my brother brought some friends back in the late afternoon and we mahjonged till bout 5!=]

another video from that gay group that did peacock. HAHAA. spoiler: 2 guys kissed at one point.
so yeah, don watch if you don want to. my brother saw that scene and i think he's pretty much grossed out ttm

kay my show has started!
im leaving in 3 days
but it feels normal cuz most of my friends left for camps and overseas alr
i feel quite empty in singapore now. hahaha
cant wait to see them soon though!
but for myself, i need to promise myself i'll have a hell of a time.

i miss you all! come back soon!

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