Thursday, December 30, 2010

kay to summarize 2010

it was a bad year. compared to 2009, 2010 sucked
regretted hell lot of times
it became kinda a necessity to become fake sometimes just to please ppl and i don like it
beginning of 2010 was great. everything was still new. i still like ac then
everything was still mysterious and i like mystery. haha
-dance was part of my life again and im grateful for that
love my dance friends, super fun ppl
-was involved in YOG and all. was a really nice experience.
-dance concert was awesome
-had my first bf and breakup too
well, that pretty much screwed up my whole year and made it a bad one actually.
caused too much drama. well, he has 3 gfs in one year so i guess his life is pretty much much more screwed up than mine.=] and at least i have friends. =] HAHA, so evil but seriously, he deserves it for what he has done and he knows it himself. i promised myself not to bitch about him on my blog to make things worse. but now things have settled down, i decided i can! haha
-the australia trip was the highlight of my year (y)
i really thought of going to australia to study after going there.
studying overseas have now been an option for me
i used to reject that idea cuz im not really independent enough to study overseas and all.

-this is the resolution i always set but kinda backfires at the end of the year. to not gain weight
- this is a resolution that never really came true cuz it's not up to me. to grow taller
- be focused on studies
- dance my heart out for ac dance and get gold / gold w honors for syf
- love ac dance
- have a kickass concert, hopefully our way
- have nice J1s coming in and not bitchy ones
- bond closer to my class

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