Thursday, December 30, 2010

HOWDIE!!! gonna be a long post but it's gonna be really interesting trust me!

KAY GUYS! time to blog bout my amazing australia trip. hahaha
sorry for the delay, had been busy with christmas gathering and dance for the past few days.
decided to sit down and upload my gazillion photos and start blogging before i forget. HAHA

so yeah, let's start off with the airport.
kay i know it's stupid but i alr got SUPER excited at the airport
i kept taking photos and my brothers kept saying 'it's only the airport, can you wait till we go australia then take?' HAHAHA. it's exciting what!!!

at macs(y)
at wang
at the T3.
so, before my exciting flight came. my mood was a little wavered before i got onto the plane
cuz i stupidly went to put my small scissors in my carrier bag and they confiscated it.
i brought it cuz... i needed it to cut the string when i do cross stitch..
laugh at me.. yes
but i was quite angry it got confiscated
i even had to write down my name and sign
am i blacklisted or something arh? i feel like a criminal
it will be in my record or something izzit? goshhh.

anws, let's put that aside
when i got onto the plane [ SQ]
i started becoming really excited
cuz i switched on the tv and there were so many programs!!!
tv, movies, songs, games. SO MANY!!
i kept moving here and there and cant wait for the plane to set off so that i can start using the awesome small tv in front of me
i watched HIMYM, legally blonde, vampire diaries.... i cant remember alr.
i was just super psyched cuz of that tv
oh ya! the toilet. omgosh, it flushes damn loudly. i got a shock when i flushed it the first time.
[ im putting all these stupid things as my fb status. hahaha ]
anws, it waits for around 5 sec before it actually flushes. so maybe that time period is for us to cover our ears first. hmmmm

anws! got to aussie at around 6 in the morning
it was alr super bright!!! as if it was around 12pm!
it gets really bright in australia really early. like around 5am or earlier
so anws, took a bus to a small shopping centre to get some snacks and freshen up first

posing like the statue beside me

hahah he looks cute here
after that, took a ferry to TANGALOOMA!!!!

it's a realllyyyy reallllyyy pretty place
the sand there is amazing
but we only stayed there for a day
however!! we did A LOT in one day
i never imagine doing so much in a day
oh plus, it's extremely windy there
when we checked in and all
me and my brothers decided to head down to the beach
the sand is MARVELOUS!!
the wind is super strong
know what i like about australia? they're so open minded
they're all in bikinis whether they're fat or not
hahaha. so it's like... they wont judge you.

after blowing some wind and getting a little wet and super sandy, we met the rest of our tour group to go for the sand sliding activity
went up a really high sand dune and slide down with a board
i never thought i would do it cuz it seems so scary!!
anws! it went really well
however, you will take 3 times the time you slide down to climb up
climbing up that hill is a total bitch!
the sand's so soft, hence you have to take extra effort. super tiring!
secondly, when the wind blows. hah, it's painful
cuz it brings along the sand and it stings when the sand hits your leg
so we cleverly use the board to cover out body. teehee
oh right, on my first slide down.
i was quite scared. so i screamed. but i shut up half way down
all the sand flew into my mouth
we only did it twice. after that, went back and got ready for quad bike!
it's the four wheel drive thing. SUPER FUN!! OMGOSH
though we all didnt go at super high speeds, we still did some crazy paths and my bike almost topple over. well, my mum's one did. haha
and she almost ran down a cliff. good thing she hit the pole instead of the string or else... gg. sigh
lasted about 45min and my thumb was so sore like how your thumb will be sore from playing psp for hours.
after that, we waited for the dolphins to come so that we can feed them!
yes, wild dolphins!!!

hahaha. oh while waiting, we witness the sunset
damn nice right!!
anws, it was FREEZINGGG.
we were all jumping here and there to try create some heat. it's damn coldddd omtian
anws, it was quite a different experience. the dolphins are magical creatures =]
and yeah! did all that in one day! can you believe it? i cant
left the next day to gold coast!
beautiful sand
oh here are some photos from the sand sliding

soft sand

so we arrived at surfers paradise around evening time!
had our dinner at some chinese restaurant. it was YUMMEH
walked around the place with siblings and cousins after bathing
went to the beach there too
omgosh, why their sand all so nice one!!
it's so soft and mildy cold
love it!
after the long walk, had pizza at some restaurants
aussies are so charismatic! most of them all have a sense of humor and they're super friendly!
singaporeans are quite hostile in some sense. they don ask you how's your day.
anws! went to movie world the next day!

my favorite ride was superman escape!!! i love it
i screamed all the way and my saliva was all over my mouth after the ride. hahahaha
super fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
think i got a tan that day cuz it was super hot
at hardrock cafe

this is the soft sand i was talking about
card games till 3!
next day, we went to dreamworld!! where all the crazy rides are
we sat this, tower of terror. it's freaking fun!!!. and the giant drop. 39 storeys high. that, is a must take
xu han, jimmy neutron, me. HAHA
my lil bro and me. plus the koala.

feeding kangaroos!! they're so cute
me with keefe and anette
sherman the horse
we cleaned the saliva of the horse, goat and donkey on this sheep's fur. hahaha. my dad's idea!
the next day! we went to this bee farm. actually, i pretty confused with my activities alr so i might be mixed up on which day i did what. hahah
the handsome guy that taught us about bee
bought quite a lot of bee products from here

went to catch a crab! kay not literally but that's what they call it
we had fresh yummy crabs [ super sweet! i love it ]
and oysters. wah it's super shiok


we went to catch yappis too. some small prawn like thing. it's quite fun. hahaha
we were feeding the pelicans fishes as well and we tried fishing too.
only my dad, brothers and some dude caught fishes, the rest didnt. guess it runs in the family except the females.

next day, went to feed some birds and visit the fruit farm
forcing a smile there. went to feed these small parrots [ forgot the name ] honey water
"so heavy! so painful!"
they pee and shit on you w/o warning btw

this is what i got from feeding the birds. only i got this!! no one else had such serious injurythe fruit farm had this miracle fruit that makes whatever you eat in the next hour all sweet.
so cool right!!! but we didnt get to try it luh... wasted
in the night, we went to this rainforest to look at glow worms
they are so beautiful
they produce green lights.
only can find them in gold coast and new zealand. it's super nice omgosh.

i think that's pretty much about it!
heading back the next day. sigh
my brother was sian to go back. haha. same

this is zachary. really smart for his age but also really noisy.

im glad im done with this post
at least i get to go back and read about my amazing australia trip here next time

anyhow guys! the new year's coming!!! are you ready?
im not
actually i don know luh
im quite excited for my open house
12 jan!!! go for it!!!
other than that.... i might summarize my 2010 in a short post next. or might not.. depends!

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