Saturday, December 18, 2010

found the right one at the wrong time

i cant believe i forgot to blog bout them
they are so adorable!! oh man
i saw one on the train the other day and woah, all the chubs and innocent behavior stole my heart. hahhaahha
amelia cant stand babies but i cant stand it for their cuteness. haha

kay yup! prolly my last post till i fly off 2moro!
josh just got back and im flying off 2moro

and i just found my old camera
it has all my old photos and videos inside
im so ashamed, all the photos are linked to me and none to my family
that is how much i use the camera. HAHAHA
all my sec 2 photos, chingay photos. damn a lot!
and dance videos i recorded...

time to pack my luggage
bye guys, see you in a week! celebrating christmas in the air. haha

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