Thursday, December 2, 2010


get these pretty things for 1 buck each at cotton on! it's for charity =] i feel like buying all the colours. still have this really nice blue, yellow and purple. all with different charms
and i got new shades! my mum always go 'don you have enough alr'
and i got a new shorts too! keefe cannot mock my olive green shorts anymore
i mean, a girl will definitely have a everyday shorts what. haha
it's so hard to find a nice one + fits you well
sent melia, laura, geraldine and karen off yesterday
i took 858 from my place but wtb, it freaking spent 30min rounding sembawang and yishun to khatib. could have just taken the train to khatib and then take the bus from the mrt to changi airport. waste my time
oh wells
finally made it 30min late. HAHA.
cheng said it was obvious i was planning to send her off. sian
hahahhaa. nvm, at least they were still very happy to see us. hahaha. melia cannot stop smiling.
oh man, i miss them alr
i bet cheng misses her phone damn a lot too. HAHAA. but nah, of cuz she misses me the most.
and right... i visited the toilet and what luck, i dropped my phone into the toilet bowl
i was shocked for 2 seconds but quickly reach into the toilet bowl to retrieve my soaked phone.
but well, it died...
so i was phoneless that day

went to cine after that to play pool. i've improved! quite happy with my substandard skills. =p
sk was how good luh. he's our mentor. haha
i wanted to use the cross but keefe kept saying it's cheating...
after an hour, we went to anette's house for a movie. =]
josh joined us after to sleep on the couch. hahha
that boy played games till 6am i think. guys should just marry games.
and that's yesterday

met my mum for lunch at novena today
fruitful day! happy with what i bought=]
oh and i just happen to try my phone and it miraculously worked!!!
wahhhh, i was so happy. hahaha.
had gong cha today too. 80% sugar is damn sweet.
and i think im gonna paint my nails later.


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