Monday, December 13, 2010

bing bong boom
today's my boring day again + try to get some work done day too
went to a wake yesterday
was my mum's ex colleague and me and my brothers used to play with his children when we were much younger
i thought looking into the coffin would be an easy thing
but i found myself hiding behind my mum and only taking a peek at his forehead

sat around and kept eating nuts afterwards
i swear i just ate non stop cuz i wasnt in the adult convo.
i mean, that's what most children will do right
no wait, i mean youngsters. hahah
took a bus down to westmall after
saw joseph again.
saw him at cine the other day.
what coincidence!
yup! oh and i bought things from body shop last night
was trying out the different perfumes and tryna decide
so i kept smelling my arm up and down [ sprayed at diff areas]
so if you see a woman doing that, you know she came out from a perfume shop. haha
in the end i got white musk!
love body shop's smelllllll!!
kay! toilet. BYE

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