Friday, December 3, 2010

i really wanna try that ride someday. looks really really really fun
i wonder if i would be able to try it at Australia
CRAP! im really too damn excited for that trip!
gonna get the cap i really wanted 2moro i think
mum promised. HAHAH. yayeee
both brothers out so i have the com to myself today! yes
and im doing geog hw. HAHA
how nice.

anws, i wanted to run this morning but idk what happened to my body
i ran about 1.8km only. cuz i wanted to run 2.4 under 14min but at the 10th min, i was like, shit... cannot take it.
but anws, that's not the point
i think i stopped like 4 times to sit down cuz my vision kept blurring out.
the 4th time i just puked out water i had in the morning
after that, my stomach has been really acidic the whole day
i cant even stand long enough to cook my maggie mee
i had to take breaks in b/w to rest. weird.
but im perfectly fine now.. i wish to think so.

back to hw before 1130 when i can watch BOF! yipee

oh and ann won antm cycle 15. PFFS. chelsea was SOOO much more deserving!!!!

p.s: i painted my nails. haha my right hand's a joke.

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