Saturday, November 6, 2010


this boy
is very different
he has impacted my life in many ways
let's first see how he looks like alright

yup, that's one way he impacted me... by scaring me. HAHA

let's continue.
he's gay in various ways
he likes to put make up
he enjoys self pics
he likes to repeat his words
favourite phrases are "what a player", "hey hey hey", "eh eh eh"

but well, he's a fine htht partner..
and lover. HAHA
tim mah, thanks for making my life filled of colours
eeeeee, i cant believe i just said that

kay back to my normal post
the above post was not forced or anything
tim mah was just whining for me to blog about him-_-
ego pig man that guy

anws, last night
i kinda showed attitude to my mum for that pineapple
idk, i just felt quite pissed she keep mentioning but it's not her fault luh
so im bit guilty. sigh

and i didnt go out in the end cuz change of plans!
and good luck to those taking A LEVELS!

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