Sunday, November 7, 2010


yknow... only i know what project double means. HAHAHA. so no point using a code anws.
but heck! i like codes=]
just like megamind!!!
anws, i went out in the end with tim and sk/tb
hahaha, we went to ps to watch MEGAMIND

i wanted to watch something like 'you again'
okay wait wait, yknow i tell ppl i wanna watch 'you again' and they go "you wanna watch me again?"
kay yeah but there was only timings for two shows
and it was 14 bucks! cuz we caught it in 3D
the 3D glasses are annoying ttm but i didnt get giddy or anything
it's more of the discomfort you feel.
sk watched the show w/o the glasses half the time
so he'll be having like triple vision.

i've never thought i would say this but megamind is actually really good
i thought it'll be some lame cartoon show but NO NO! ahahaha
love the twists inside! haha
and sk didnt talk as much for this show
so it goes to show he only talk a lot for horror films and it's cuz he's scared! YEAHHH hahaha. tofu boy

after the show, we went to play bishi bashi! woohoo!
i rock at that game. hahah
sk had six lives while me and tim had 3 but he still died first. LOL
it's damn funny. me and timmy kept laughing at sk

after that, dinner and go home. i think they went to have kfc egg tarts after walking me to the mrt. hahaha
josh is one fine example. the amount he eats scares me

anyhoo! our gp teacher is no longer gonna teach us next year. siannn
farewell pic!
oh and i forgot when was this
we were at the library. hahaha
i brought my cam and sk brought his
so the girls were trying to take retarded photos of them and they did the same to us
but i think the pictures they took were better.. in the sense, more retarded
they crowned me number 1. HAHAHA. damnn


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