Saturday, November 13, 2010


i went to sch on thurs to meet my pw group for op practice
all of a sudden
sophy and lautner appeared with this
HAHHAA. and they all started singing me a birthday song
i was super surprised!! ahhh. thanks guys=]]]

so sweet!!!
but sian, i missed the dim sum lunch you guys had the day before. hahhaha.
the present's damn cute!!
im gonna talk more on the phone now. hahah
thanks tandas girls=]] love you guys!!!
and have fun overseas vanow
when you're back, we'll have steamboat in oli's house!

oh and op was fine
i talked too fast as usual
but i can only hope for the best now!

met crescent clique today!!=]]]
met them at newyorknewyork for lunch
thanks for the treat! that's my first time eating there actually. hahha
and i actually got a membership card. HAHAH.
food was great, company was even better!!
we had so much to catch up on!

ok this is pooja and me cleaning my teeth. HAHAHA. glam much

my birthday gift! a bottle
free candy floss!! damn, should have gotten more. HAHA
ooh, it's gonna be 12am soon. hahah

anws, we planned to go pq's house to chill but later changed our minds and decided to go to esplanade
it was really warm at the rooftop, so we went to esplanade library instead
but it was freaking quiet
so we just went to the cafe in esplanade library
called tifffany's something something
anws, kanice ordered a hot chocolate from them and we sat down at this table and started playing monopoly deal
and tables around us were all studying
when i sat down, i saw the sign 'for diners only, no studying allowed'
then i was like, 'huh, then why are they studying'
but anws...
she came to us later and said we cant play card games here and all and she was giving off this damnnnnn bitchy attitude
so we told her kanice ordered. then she said 'how bout the 3 of you'
does she expects all of us to order?
so ys said "how about we leave after she finish her drink"
that's super reasonable
but half way through
we were thinking of buying something to munch on
so we kept looking at the menu which is the wall
and she kept staring at us!
wtf woman. ughh
not before long
she walked to our table again and looked into kanice cup. [WTF]
and told us to quickly pack up cuz she has a dinner crowd. ?! so what, we cant have dinner there?
she kept wanting to chase us away
and there were two old woman behind us looking for seats
so that stupid tranny owner purposely adjust the sign on our table about not studying and all and ys just flip it down again
so that stupid owner came back and say i put that sign up for a reason and blahhh
freaking bitchy to us
bt seriously!! everyone around us were studying! how come she only target us
and she took away kanice's drink when she hasnt exactly finished it yet!
WAHHH. if only i was a guy
fuck it

we're still customers right. UGHH
just because we're still teenagers and we're girls and we don look like we'll go around hacking ppl, it doesnt mean you can just show us no respect
she freaking called us obnoxious girls
fucking ruin my day after that
bye, i shall sleep so i wont offend anyone
and i think i have my pms like now so it's even worse.

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