Tuesday, November 2, 2010

one in a million

is it harder to get over love or hate? lol
i think it should be hate, if not there wont be all those revenge thingums going on.
oh but! then again in dramas, some ppl continue to love someone after damn long. do they even exist?
HAHA. kay depends on the person i guess.

i er.. ponned empty slots today.
josh kept saying that's still ponning but there was no lessons till 10 plus!
so i just sleep through. haha
and even so, i was still damn sleepy the whole day!
i slept during gymming today too
oh right, we didnt get to watch the dolphin documentary today. UGHHH.
hopefully can watch it on thurs.

i got back my specs! WOOHOO!
I MISSED IT. oh crap, i haven given it a name.
let's see... slidey. cuz it always slides down my nose and make me look old, according to my pw teacher. HAHAA
i miss slidey! thanks sebby for keeping it, and even finding a case for it. haha
and sebby's friend too! haha

anws, i didnt plan to gym today cuz i didnt know they were. haha
but luckily i didnt wear my uniform.
oh right, i was lifting weights
and i squashed my pinky. the weights kinda clashed together cuz i allowed it too and i felt a pain in my finger. LOL
but the nails did not crack so phew!
it hurts when i press it though.. inner bruise. lol

ogl forms out 2moro! wheee!=]]]
kaykay, time to pong pong

i think her eyes are really pretty.=]


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