Tuesday, November 9, 2010

we went to xiu's house to surprise her on her birthday!
woohoo, was really successful! hahaha
hope you had a great one dear!

oh anette was spamming xiu's wall when she was bathing. AHAHAHA
everyone's news feed was filled with xiu's birthday thimgums. HAHA.
and we were spamming xiu's com with our photos as well
zehhhhh. [some lightning sound]

so manly huh
and after that, we went out to eat and catch a movie=]
we watched social network!
such a brainy show, suits me perfectly.
that guy is freaking smart!! wahhhh
his brain is CRAZYY.
but he is not a bastard or anything. haha
i think some ppl might find it boring but i think it's pretty cool.=]

went to school today, thinking we could meet mdm choong for some op practice but nooo, she was nowhere to be found
so we ended up practising on our own and recording ourselves. HAHAH
yup yup!
gonna stay home 2moro. siannn

kay bye!

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