Friday, November 5, 2010

im not gullible... you're just really convincing + an amazing liar [not bad. HAHAHA. found an excuse for myself]
one day i'll be able do that! =]]
maybe... during next year's bailamos? HAHAHA. now that's a thought (y)

had movie marathon with some dancers today at joshy's house!
casuarina was close though, so we ate a shibly.
still quite good =]
after that, we went to josh's house to start our movie marathon
watched a little of friends, zoolander, the haunting and duplex
hahahha. duplex was annoying! like it's not a bad show but really makes you feel like strangling the character inside. HAHA
haunting was quite good. got enough story inside so it's a nicer watch compared to exorcism
and well, zoolander was complete bull. HAHHHA. but in the good way. damn funny! haha

i think i went to the bathroom 7 or 8 times when i was at josh's house.
stoopid bladder. haha
so much for wanting to train it.
KAY TMI. haha

went to some zi char place to have dinner after
thanks josh for the treat! haha
and i got my pencil ice cream! YAYYY
cheap cheap
kay im so tired...

think im going out 2moro to buy something. who's free? haha
anws, photos from sk's birthday.

THE SMALL BOY. hahaha. imitating tim and sk is the most fun thing to do. hahaha
and josh imitates them admn well
sk imitates tim damn well too. HAHA
oh shao too! haha

oh right! we were watching some FREAKINGGGGGG cute dog and cat videos on youtube before the horror show
i was spasming in front of the com
i'll try go find this super cute cat video that melia really dislike cuz she says it looks scary. HOHO

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