Tuesday, November 23, 2010

here we go
i just finished stalking JP. hahaha
crap, im getting pretty obsessed over him.

anyhow! went to sch to help the 3 sisters ppl with make up!
pretty fun=]
the front part was quite awkward but when the dancers came down after the dry run, it was so much better.
LOL. dancers always make you feel better. (y)
and cleo was going crazy after dinner. she just kept laughing non stop and started sharing her theories like how josh would. haha
tim was being so vain as usual. hahahha. and TIM MAH, i did not touch there or intend to you eediot. i was just finding a pocket to put my cold fingers in. PFFFFS.
gross boy
and keefey! sorry, im keeping the rest of the doritos for fri. haha. i'll bring it.
it's gonna be really hectic on fri and sat for me
and me and jill don get dinner, how sad. have to buy our own but there's no time to buy, so that's even worse
fri we have dance and right after dance we have to go to the CPA alr.
sat i have this CIP thing in the morning from 9 - 3 and have to rush down to sch by 4.
4-6 make up session. and me and jill will have 2 hours before show start to bathe and change and doll up. hahha. oh and somehow get our dinner settle as well. maybe i'll ask cheng to help me buy dinner. =]]
oh man.... have to lug so many things around on sat. UGHH.

and i think the drama ppl just ended their full dress rehearsal today.
have fun guys!!=]]] take care and rest well.

SNACK TIME. ( i only had doritos, soya bean milk w pearls and sotong head on stick for dinner so i allow myself to snack. hahah.)

hahha. he shows off his abs half way. NICE

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