Sunday, November 21, 2010

i finally got jay park's picture into my phone and set it as wallpaper
now im going to smile everyday. HAAHA
okay wait, inaccurate sentence. now im going to smile so much more everyday

photos from musical evening and xiu's birthday! i'll talk bout musical evening later=]

so zoomed in. lol
sharon jouteng amanda
with juniors

so anws!
had brother sister time at causeway
he was looking for some prom stuff so i just accompanied him
went to clementi after that to take a bus to UCC for musical evening
thank goodness i saw alpha and some P.A ppl, if not i'll feel so lost. haha
anws, i was wearing my birthday heels
woah. should have applied some vaseline before wearing it
but luckily, plasters were my best friend that night(y)
moving on! musical evening was surprisingly not bad
or maybe it was just me missing what i used to do in the past
but yeah, wasnt that hard sitting through the show. hahaha
crap, i sound bad
well.. dance was great =]
after the show, i met keziah and nisa=]
saw many familiar faces. kept stopping to chitchat so i kept losing the dancers. boo
but yup! i was so happy to get home so that i could take those heels off
whenever you just take off heels, you feel really unbalance.

went to bugis to watch HARRY POTTER
jealous jealous? ahaha.
nah, you'll get your chance. teehee
well, it lived up to my expectations
pretty comical. hahaha
especially the front
but it was harry, hermione and ron heavy. they acted like 2/3 of the show
but not a bad thing at all, emma watson is how pretty. i don mind seeing her face for the whole movie. haha
had late lunch so i haven had my dinner yet
i think im going to cook maggie mee later or cook some sausage thingum

photos from xiu's birthday=]
kay, me looking.... a little off

my muscles!!
cheng cheng
find your saviour soon=]

horny bastard shall meet his match one day! teehee bye

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