Tuesday, November 16, 2010

got no reason got no shame
i did a post yesterday but blogger screwed up when i was about to click publish post
now it's gone.
it's so annoying to type whatever you wanted to say again

im gonna skip some stuff then. (y)
or rather, cut them really short

met up with sk, josh, melia and keefey for lunch at ion
keefe and sk went for drama
anette and daniel joined us
went to xiu's house for movie!
watched she's out of my league
hahha, retarded show

went to school for make up workshop!!!
with wardrobers shao and jill=]
it was really fun
hahaha, finally get to go for a make up workshop
it's really ex to go for a make up ws outside
i've checked before cuz i wanted to go for one last year after my O's
but woah, 1000 plus plus for about 24 lessons
maybe not
it was held by ms wong
learnt quite a bit! and i loved the books she brought along
omgosh, they make males look as beautiful as females
i swear you cannot, CANNOT tell that those 'ladies' are actually guys
it's kinda scary yet shows how amazing make-up and photography can actually do to someone.
aftermath of our make-up! we did for each other. haha
gonna help out for the 3 sisters!
great chance to practice and improve. haha
especially for next year's bailamos!!

oh and i've never thought this day would come
my mum wants to add me on FB.
okay nvm, i know what to do alr

supposed to go to josh's house for horror movie marathon today but i didnt know my whole family was home... so gotta stay home!
siannn. i was looking forward to the horror movie marathon
they watched quarantine!! i wanna watch that.

and there's dance 2moro!
kay dinner. BYE

everyone's back from ccaab. it looked so fun

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