Tuesday, November 23, 2010

today's stay home day for me
i wanted to do some hw but when i sat down in front of the table and started to read the passages, i just felt really bored and not in the mood to do anything at all.
and damn, it's raining outside now, thought of going out for a jog or walk
and on these kind of days, i just like to leave my phone alone.

it's like, i feel like doing something but im too lazy to do anything
YEAH AISH, im too lazy. but sometimes laziness saves the day. hahah
kay i really have nth better to do

oh oh, after eating at pastamania last night, we were walking to the traffic lights when we heard shoutings
then i forgot who made a joke of someone practicing for next year's NDP. think was my lil bro
but not before long
we realize it was a couple fighting
and the guy freaking punched the girl
she tried to fight back but i think he hit her to the ground
it was very confusing
she tried to walk away then the guy followed her
there were so many of us, so it would have been a smart thing to run to us for protection but she didnt so i don know.
but i think a guy called the police after. but we didnt stay and watch the drama
woah, i hate guys that resort to violence.
i remember i had a fight with my brother's classmate when i was in pri sch
BAHAHAHHA. oh man, secret exposed. kay la, it's not a secret
but it was quite nasty
i had a bad temper back then if im not wrong
and he too. started pointing middle fingers at me like he's all so cool but i got pissed so things got physical. i tried kicking and all but didnt work. hahaha
too short, too weak
i only remembered getting a punch on my right cheek and i just squatted down to cry
but that's the past! i think not long after that, my mum sent all of us to taekwondo classes
DON DOUBT ME. haha. i only learnt till blue tip though. my cousins are instructors now.
oh my, im like telling you all my life story now.
oh well, it's one of those days when you think back and go 'i was so stupid'
but at least i've ever been in a fight before! hahaha. that's quite cool
BUT NO NO, i don wanna get in a fight now. im too old for those now. nyahahaaah. chicken backside, im bullshitting

anws! i had lunch with my brother the other day and he started telling all his boy sch drama
like what gang and all. his sch was so drama
and he keeps saying melvin goh, i bet quite a lot of girls will know him, does this does that
and he makes him sound soooo cool
stupid boy. he purposely tell me stuff like 'i met melvin today'
pfff, like i will be jealous. kay maybe a little. hahhaa
it's like im so close to knowing this person but my brother is being annoying. hahaha
but yeah. all those drama, it's just sooo interesting!!
like confrontations or stuff like 'give me face and back off'
WOAHH. super duper!! haha
kay, crash course to knowing my life better.

i should go now

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