Sunday, November 28, 2010

CUP phone. [was talking to cheng and xiu on it last night! finally could use it.]
went for my ah ma's birthday lunch today
both my brothers didnt go cuz one had camp, one's having his last paper 2moro
but i can finally see my nephew!! yayee. let's meet jaden
sian, im now elevated to an auntie.
with cousins=] justin amanda julius. and the grumpy-looking one being dylan [im not sure if this is the right spelling]
i didnt know my lunch was so expensive!!
33 per person!
what the
i should have ate so much more
i freaking wasted money. think i only ate like 5 bucks or something. lol

moving on! 3 SISTERSSSS
the first production i actually enjoyed and appreciated.
kay maybe cuz our dancers were in there but i understood! [no, don ask me to explain. that'll be a long and tiring process]

sk was the star. omgosh, he made me and josh vibrate in the chair. FREAKING FUNNY!! his face, his movement all damn hilarious. hahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahhahaha
CARMINA. this girl arh..... hahha
tim mah! bon voyage for your trip 2moro.
[Timothy] says:
*i am leaving for shangkai tonight=(
*too used to it=P
the 3 of us! eh we haven created a name yet. shall we copy danny's name for us? haha.
the 3 sisters.
as usual.=p
group pic! idk if everyone's in or not though
couldnt have supper after that cuz it ended so freaking late
oh the make up looked fabulous. hahaha
yay. i loved it!! maybe i should really pursue make up related stuff next time. hmm

oh ya
last night when i was walking home
my dad freaking scared the hell out of me
i went into the lift, pressed door close and suddenly i heard fast foot steps
and the first thing that came into my mind was RAPIST!
i was freaking scared. i turned around and see this figure dashing towards my door
but after like 10 secs, i realized it was my dad so i just opened the door.
but it was really damnnn scary.


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