Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i cooked a pretty awesome egg today. hahaha
luncheon meat and cheese. yummy max. that was my lunch!
no wonder i kept snacking.
i love that dove chocolate thingum. it's a stick thing. idk how to explain but it's good!

i spent the whole day doing ONE compre assignment
what a failure
i wanna go watch my korean drama + play my brother's iphone game. i was thinking about it before i slept last night. hahaha. so addictive.
oh right, talking bout last night
i was webcaming with TIM MAH. he's in shanghai!
though he's an extremely disgusting boy that keeps fixing his hair via the webcam and posing with peace sign, i still miss him!
miss his hey hey hey and bullshit.
well but that also means one less person to tricking me

aside that, bon voyage to melia and laura!
have fun in taiwan!=]]]]
we'll miss you guys many many!!!!

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