Wednesday, October 27, 2010

who you are

photos from sk's birthday. joan has the juicer ones cuz er... though i brought my camera and EXTRA battery, i forgot to bring my sd card-_- ALWAYS HAPPENS EHHHH. damn stupid
we did this "cake" for sk. HAHAHAA.
US! haha, shao's cute drawing
i lost my op script today. i seriously don know where it went to
and i just lost my mood to study. sigh
NEEDA STUDY FOR MY CHI. next monnnn.
i'll re type my script out next week i guess

oh right!
went gymming with the dancers today
i was luh, but the rest just went there to practice open house dance
AWESOME. love love love the dance. so high
and we look damn awesome when we did it together.
sk's my abs trainer/ shi fu boy boy. HAHAHA
the way he says SFBB is hilarious.
today was good! he guarantee i'll get abs by doing all that so im trusting him! hahaha
and im gonna do at least one proper push up by the end of this year!
lol, i love them oh my, always crack me up like mad.

oh for contact time today
we were doing on cyber space thingum
something to do with blogs
then carmina and lynn kept chanting "shuzhen fugly life"
and we were exposing everyone's blog to mr tay. HAHA

but keefe kept saying no luh, it's fugly shuzhen...... *i stare at him hard* life

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