Sunday, October 10, 2010


class outing after last paper
oh right, phys was really terrible
i wrote boo physics on my hand after the paper and fist bum everyone who agreed
we wanted to go to the flyer at first for popeye's but as the bus went pass cathay, we saw a huge popeye's sign there.
hahah, and we were all too lazy to go all the way there so we decided to eat at cathay.
ahh popeye's is like ex KFC but it's so yummy!=]

after popeye's we walked to orchard central.
omgosh, we went in circles trying to get to the b&j in oc.
we went in 3 lifts i think
walked here and there before we finally saw the directory and found it. lol


i was giving the bitter face of my misery. i'll explain later. lol

so anws, derrick was showing magics tricks again
and suddenly sophy say 'i don think my character is suited for magic. it's like when i do magic, i cannot lie, so always fail' [ something like that]
and she said something bout rubbing the coin on your hand and make it disappear
and i was like 'huh really! how? you mean like into your elbow? how how?'
so i kept stuffing the coin into my elbow, trying to use the excess skin to hide the 10 cents
but i couldnt! then sophy said yeah, you need to be fatter to have more fats to cover
carmina and vanow still played along so it all seemed so real!
until after awhile they said 'omgosh, she actually trying to stuff it in'
and they started laughing
i tell you, i haven laughed that hard this year yet.
maybe i was high on cookie dough but still, wah, think we laughed for at least 5 min and my tummy was hurting like crap
i wonder if anyone died from laughing before
it's almost impossible to breathe, just the same when you cry really hard.

yep, that pretty much it!=]
gonna meet sophy at ssc now. omgosh she's so sweet.=]

and im sorry mummy, i really tried to hold it back but when you asked, it was like a switch on button.

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